From the MD's desk...

I’m happy to see the calendar go from 2021 to 2022 this morning. I’m also grateful to God that we made it through a year that’s never like before and welcoming the new year with hope and optimism. 

Service Redefined

Despite the challenges 2021 gave to us, we have so much to celebrate as we have developed more effective products, expanded our scope of services and brought better delivery closer to people especially those that are far via the internet or online consultation with the virtual and audio sessions.

We have equally simplified our services to make service delivery a lot easier to our numerous clientele through effective maximisation of close-by consultants and outlets to deliver excellent service.

Family Growth

The Essence of Greenfield family is now growing bigger and stronger. Our achievements are now crystal sterling. All thanks to the committed workforce made up of talented and dedicated members of staff.

Accomplishing our set goals for the past year required amazing teamwork built on trust.

This ultimately resulted in the acquisition of state-of-the-art care centres that everyone – company, staff and the public can all be so proud of.

Strategic Partnerships

With exciting possibilities for strategic partnerships on the horizon, Essence of Greenfield envisions an even greater ability to improve health and grow our research, medical education and clinical programmes.

And it is a thing of joy to the company that products formulated, manufactured and released in the course of the year for treatment of Fibroids, Cysts, Infertility in men and women, High Blood Pressure (HBP) and eye problems were not only efficacious but had come back with lots of positive testimonies.

It is no gainsaying that our turnover speaks volumes, the referrals have been quite wholesome. 

 It is instructive to state at this juncture that the much anticipated RejuvAgeFit formulated to address ageing and released in the last quarter of the year 2021 has been incredible in public acceptance and effectiveness.

Gratitude and Team Spirit

Our company, Essence of Greenfield owes its team lot of gratitude for having the grit and dedication to make opportunities reality — and for embracing the possibilities with enthusiasm and determination.

“For us at Essence of Greenfield, it is truly an inspiration to see your excellence in actions..”

The Clientele

Our success story at Essence of Greenfield is incomplete without your valuable contribution in terms of patronage. Your commitment as very loyal and understanding customers and patients have helped us in no small measure to develop in such an exponential latitude never imagined.

We were encouraged by your testimonials on the efficacy of our products and services. And to this end, we owe you all the appreciation.

Investment Haven

As the new year debuts, our company, Essence of Greenfield seeks investors from the public who are willing to partner with us for agreeable Returns on Investments (ROIs) or business synergy with symbiotic relationships and terms of reference ((ToR).

We run a company that provides quality service in herbal therapy to the global village. Your investment is  in very safe hands.

The Public

YOU are what makes Essence of Greenfield a great place to work, to experience discoveries through endless researches on herbal medicine. This would not have been possible without you entrusting us with your health.

We thank you very sincerely as I look forward to the promising and goal-achieving year 2022 together. 

From all of us at Essence of Greenfield and my humble self, we wish you all a prosperous New Year in good health and tranquillity.

A short message from the MD of Essence of Greenfield

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