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Competitive Avantage.

We strive to attain excellence in every process. Our clients are our priority and their health is our focus. We constantly  engage in ongoing learning, progressive research work and development to meet the best standards in health industry. We attend to clients with a record of their medical history in view.

Effective Team Work

We have an amazing team of professionals who are passionate and would stop at nothing in delivering healthy lifestyle to you.

10+ Years Experience

Our experience in the alternative medicine has been valuable and we are committed to growing, developing, and, delivering total wellness to you.

High Technology

In delivering the best alternative medical service, we make us of latest technology while delivering each of our services with our products 100% organic.

Alternative Medicine Services.

We pride in our ability to provide unparalleled health services to our clients. We integrate conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat diseases, and most importantly, to promote optimal health.
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Essence of Greenfield Herbal Products

At Essence of Greenfield, we partner with our clients to help them achieve optimum health status by making more green for less gray via naturopathy. Hence, we manufacture herbal products to prevent and cure chronic medical conditions. Our products are 100% natural, certified and effective. Visit our store for your favourite choose.


We use various healing techniques to help activate the natural healing processes in each patient’s body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being. Our trained and certified therapists help patients to reduce their pain, stress, anxiety, and other ailments. Book an appointment for with our therapists for any of our therapeutic services.

Counseling - Alternative Health Consultant

We can help you cope with:

  • mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, eating disorder
  • an upsetting physical health condition such as infertility
  • a difficult life event such as a bereavement, a relationship breakdown or work-related stress and many more.

At Essence of Greenfield, our consultants are well trained to:

  • assess and discuss health issues or symptoms with you to help you achieve wellness
  • advise you on lifestyle modifications or holistic diet
  • educate you about various aspects of natural health and recommend particular methods that will benefit you.
I have always had troubles defecating and spending so much time in the loo.
But ever since i started using your natural colon cleanser (Bawasir), I visit the loo with ease.
In fact, i lost excess fat in my body. I feel far better and I enjoy my body.
Thanks to Essence of Greenfield.
You guys rock!
Chichi Linus

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