Counselling is often the first and usually one of the best weapons we have against a mental, emotional, and social health challenges. It i very useful to correct behavioural problems and a whole range of psychological issues like depression, grief and anxiety. It also helps to improve physical well-being

Numerous health challenges could have been averted if counselling was adopted at the initial stage. Not all health problems require the use of drug at discovery stage. Hence, counselling is a tool we use as part of our holistic approach to helping our clients achieve balance and wellness in their lives. We have different types of therapeutic modality. Each modality is carefully considered based on the needs of our client. For a consistent healthy lifestyle, counselling is a therapy we advise people to engage at intervals.

At Essence of Greenfield, we keep our counselling appointments confidential. All information about attendance and content of counselling session cannot be shared without the written permission of our client. We attend to clients face-to-face, and mostly work virtually by offering Skype / Whatsapp / Zoom-type sessions or telephone sessions.

For people seeking wellness, at Essence of Greenfield, we request to know the medical history of our clients before treatment. This helps us to be more efficient while treating and attending to our clients at the cheapest price possible.

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