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One of the ancient and most potent means of enjoying good health is the use of herbal medicine. Mankind, from time immemorial, has been using herbal medicine for healing and a tool to sustain sound health. In recent times, use of herbal medicine for health care has increased significantly across the globe. Although, herbal products have been generally considered safe due to their age-old usage, significant side effects have been reported for many herbal products, including herbal medicine.

Understanding the above challenge in herbal medicine, we invest heavily in research, learning, and development. This is to ensure that are products are medically approved, certified, and of global standard. In Essence of Greenfield, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt the methodologies  being used  for modern pharmaceuticals. We  use modern techniques to prepare our products with accurate dosage and prescription to avoid abuse.

Our products are well researched and produced from potent herbal roots, leaves, rinds, barks, and rhizomes for optimum delivery in prevention and cure of various ailments.Our products are 100% organic and are safe to use without side effects. However, each of our products has prescriptions for best result.

For people seeking wellness, Essence of Greenfield products are not only dedicated to prevent and cure chronic medical conditions via naturopathy but make more green for less gray at cheapest price.

Featured Products


Natural CleanserThis is a specially made product that serves as a powerful natural cleanser. It does a perfect work of detoxification. It cleanses the colon by eliminating toxins in the body.
Bawasir is a must have for every home and every body!


AntibioticsWhat an amazing blend of different influential herbal products. A natural typical antibiotics to combat all kinds of bacterial and fungal infections such as STD, UTI, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, foul odour, irregular menstruation, irritation, etc.
Colospora is one of the best antibiotics you can ever have.


Immune BoosterA power packed herbal product made from varieties of medicinal plants. It promotes physical fitness, prevents diseases, promotes blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and blood fat. It regulates bacteria colonies, activate brain cells, nourishes the kidney and liver. It helps in combating arthritis, pains in the body, resolves infertility in men and women.
G-21 is an essential dietary supplement to have to attain healthy living by boosting appetite and immune


Masculine Cell Enhancer / RepairerXtra-Gyl is a specially formulated herbal product for men. It is a perfect alternative to the harmful drugs used by men for sexual performance. It helps to combat premature ejaculation, erectile and sexual dysfunction. It improves sex drive, increases strength and energy.
Xtra-Gyl is a natural dietary supplement, safe for men of all ages to boost their sexual performance, repair and rejuvenate masculine cells.

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