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Ginger Root (150caps)


Scent & Bitter Leaf (150caps)

Scent & Bitter leaf
Scent & Bitter leaf

Scent & Bitter Leaf (60caps)


Scent & Bitter Leaf (60caps)


Scent & Bitter Leaf is a powerful blend of two highly and popularly known medicinal plants which helps to aid the cleansing of our internal organs.

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Scent & Bitter Leaf – a mix of two popularly know plants for their powerful medicinal value to the body. It does the following:

  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Cures pile and waist pain
  • Helps to cleanse vital organs
  • Treats stomach upset and enhances fertility
  • Aids digestion and weight loss

For people seeking wellness, our products are not only dedicated to prevent health issues. In the same way, they cure chronic medical conditions.

Although we use naturopathy to make more green for less grey, our products are available at cheap prices. Indeed, they are very affordable.


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