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Woman Essence

Woman Essence


Woman Essence


Woman essence is every woman’s natural daily tea bag to enhance feminine cells. A natural herb for irregular menstruation, infertility in women, ovarian cyst, oviduct blockage.

Woman Essence delivers just for every woman of all age bracket without restrictions or side effects.

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Woman Essence is suitable for curing female infertility challenges due to the blockage of the oviduct, ovarian cysts, dysfunction of the ovary and ovulation with symptoms of irregular or no menstruation.

It adopts medicinal herbs that help enhance feminine cells to function optimally with no side effects.

It assists women to rejuvenate their weak/dead feminine cells.

It repairs and strengthens the weak tissues in the uterus thereby avoiding miscarriage. (Miscarriage is naturally caused as a result of the tender uterus that is unable to carry the conceived baby). Woman essence strengthens the muscles and nerves that surround the uterus

It is mild and natural.


Boil a tea bag with a cup of water or pour hot water in a cup with a teabag and brew within 8-10 minutes.

Best taken first in the morning and last thing at night. Use one or two bags daily



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