Yurdi Mido MF combo

Yurdi Mido MF


Man Essence

Man Essence combo
Confidence pack: bawasir plus xtra-gyl

The Confidence Pack


The Confidence Pack


enlarges the male organ, boosts sex drive, increases sex stamina, provides a stronger, thicker and long-lasting erection, rejuvenates weak/dead masculine cells, boosts fertility in men, prevents and cures sexual infections, eliminates toxins from the body and revives the body organs

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The Confidence Pack contains a combination of Xtra-gyl and Bawasir specifically to enhance your sex life. It is a complete package for a complete man. It is a powerful mixture of potent herbs and medicinal plants derived both within and outside Nigeria. Awesome product for that serves the following:

  • boosts fertility and cures low sperm count
  • boosts stamina and sex drive
  • rejuvenates the total body, vitalizes body organs, and, helps general detox
  • increases sexual pleasure reduces stress, and gets you going for several rounds of sex
  • aids stronger and lasting erection, and also enlarges the size of the penis

The Men’s Confidence pack is a combo of two of our powerful products: Xtra-gyl and Bawasir to spice up your sex life


An alternative to several dangerous and unhealthy drugs used by men boost sexual performance. Xtra-gyl is perfectly safe for men of all ages, 100% organic, and it has no side effects. In addition, it revives, rejuvenates and keeps your productive organs perfectly fit.

It does the following:

    • increases and boosts testosterone level
    • improves sex drive and cure low libido
    • increases and enlarges the size of the penis
    • boost fertility in males
    • boosts fat loss, thereby increasing strength and energy
    • combats erectile and sexual disfunction
    • eliminates premature ejaculation
    • strengthen semen in men
    • increases production of sperm
    • cure sexual weakness, backache, and abdominal disorder in men

A powerful antioxidant and colon cleanser, great for putting the body organs in perfect shape. It:

  • eliminate toxins from the body
  • is an effective cure in the treatment of anal lacerations, pile, and haemorrhoid
  • traps fat and lowers cholesterol, hence, aids weight loss
  • helps against constipation and indigestion
  • combats intestinal worms
  • also helps to tackle erectile dysfunction
  • reduces the load of the liver and kidney and the risk of cancer
  • combats hair loss and skin infections

When it comes to sex, age is not a barrier. Enjoy a great and invigorating sex life with your partner using our Confidence Pack. And subsequently share your testimony with us.

Additionally, you get a FREE CONSULTATION for ordering this product.



For people seeking wellness, our products are not only dedicated to prevent health issues. In the same way, they cure chronic medical conditions.

Although we use naturopathy to make more green for less grey, our products are available at cheap prices. Indeed, they are very affordable.


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