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Red Essence - cures irregular menstrual cycle & hormonal imbalance in women

Red Essence


Red Essence


Experience the joy of menstruation without irregular pains, cramps and inflammations. Red Essence helps to treat hormonal imbalance in order to facilitate a better and more regular menstrual cycle

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Red Essence is solely formulated for the optimal menstrual cycle of women thereby reducing irregular menstrual cycle. It helps to relieve menstrual irregularities by allowing the free flow of menses, especially with women who have scanty or no menstruation even before menopause.

It assists in hormonal imbalance in order to facilitate a better menstrual cycle in women.

It relieves menstrual cramp and inflammation

It detoxifies the womb and enhances the uterus.


Boil a tea bag with a cup of water or pour hot water in a cup with a teabag and brew within 8-10 minutes.

Best taken first in the morning and last thing at night. Use one or two bags daily


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