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Veejay Tonic

Veejay Tonic


Veejay Tonic


Made from pure and natural honey…specially made for women who often feel dry during sexual activity…enjoy sex, nourishes breast, controls vagina odour

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Veejay Tonic is a product made from pure and natural honey. It is specially made for women who often feel dry during sexual activity and don’t enjoy sex.

Veejay Tonic is  useful and helps:

  • to repair women feminine cells but majorly for them to enjoy sex
  • enhance women to go for more sex
  • contribute to the nourishment of breast
  • lubricate vagina wall and make it softer
  • men’s penis stick glued to their women’s vagina
  • control the foul vagina odour

100% natural and safe!

With our amazing tonic, you no longer have to worry about lack of satisfaction during sex. Every sex becomes enjoyable. No more dry feelings during sex, bad vagina odour, vagina pain and bruises.

Who can use this product:

  • Women with small/tight vagina opening
  • Women who don’t release fluid during sex
  • Women whose vagina have a strong foul odour
  • Women whose breast lacks adequate nourishment
  • Men whose wives or sex partners experience any of the above

With our Veejay Tonic;

  • Get your confidence back
  • Spice up your sex life
  • Have your man glued to you

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